Half Day Discovery Workshop

An opportunity to push the boundaries and imagine the possibilities.
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The objective of the workshop is for your management team to explore your business operating landscape, challenges, objectives and the potential solutions. This is a valuable session as it will provide your team with insights, knowledge of common pitfalls and a first stab at a Roadmap for your Digital Transformation Journey.

Output: At the end of the day we will send you a summary of the insights gained during the whiteboard sessions and discussions at the workshop.


Your Workplace


4 hours


AUD 1,500

No. Attendees



Review Current Strategy

We discuss the current strategy of your business. This can include the output of Strategic Planning activities, Strategy Papers or Reviews, Programs of work and any other artefacts of information that can help us understand your business’s Vision, Mission, Objectives and Strategies.

We also discuss your organisational structure, general and management culture as well as appetite and receptiveness to change. During this we also provide insights and feedback on key enablers.

Understand Business Value Chain

Every business is a value creating machine. However, many businesses have various internal views about what and how value is created. The purpose of this point is to have a group discussion and arrive at common ground as this is the foundation of your Process Architecture.

Explore Current Process Universe

We have our first attempt at mapping your macro level processes to stimulate a discussion. The ideas is to get everyone in the workshop to input with regards to the process/value alignment, sequence, relevance.

During this phase we will also provide you with feedback and insights over the general structure and process architecture  based on best practices potentially highlighting low hanging fruit.

Analyse Current Technology Architecture

We take stock of all the core technologies currently being used, the infrastructure and discuss them in the context of the macro processes. We also touch on constraints and other technological challenges that the business may be facing in the context of the 3-5 year strategic roadmap.

Discuss Goals and Envision Target State

At this stage we would have covered allot of ground and would be well placed to discuss:

1. What target state could look like ?
2. What sort of goals and milestones are required to achieve target state?
3. What constraints exists (talent, time, funding, etc) to achieve the goals?


This is where the facilitator takes you and your team through:

1. Walkthrough of typical planning and diagnostic starting points for your journey
2. Our technology partner and capabilities


If you have any questions about the workshop please contact us at support@zerobs.com.au or call us on 1300-235-019. Otherwise use the link below to book a workshop slot that suits us both.
Hi there!

My name is Alex and I will be your facilitator for this workshop. I always get super excited to explore opportunities and the mechanics of new businesses. I wanted to let you know that whilst I would welcome the opportunity to work with you, this session is NOT a sales pitch. We will be  discovering, debating, identifying opportunities and envisioning the future.

You and your team will walk away from this workshop with valuable insights and a solid start to a roadmap for your transformation. At the end of the session I will ask you and your team if you would like to explore working with Zero B.S. If the answer is “yes” I will schedule a completely separate meeting to discuss your options, otherwise no harm done and we standby in case you ever need our assistance.

Best regards,


Alex Zarate
Managing  Director @ Zero B.S