Developing an effective manager-employee relationship requires a willingness to leverage your position to encourage dialog, risk-taking, and accountability among all participants. Reach out to our team today if you would like to learn more, or have items you would have liked to have seen included on this list.

Your role as a manager simultaneously ensures that your skills determine results alongside the productivity of those working under you. Thus, it is imperative that you determine the best ways to maximize current and future productivity in a way that guarantees the employees have the opportunity to support you in furthering your career. Here are seven simple ways you can turn your human assets into career building resources.


Proactively Seek Feedback

Feedback is essential for understanding the real-world effects of stated business policies and organically grown practices. Some common questions you should consider asking on a regular basis includes:

  • What is Impacting Efficiency in the Workplace?
  • Are There Any Inter-Personal Conflicts Impacting Professional Conduct?
  • What Opportunities for Success are We Missing in the Workplace?


Establish Clear Objectives for All Projects

If an employee is unaware of the overall objective of a project, then it becomes possible to veer off track with exceptional ease. Of course, that will result in lowered productivity and increased overhead for your department or business. Create a concise objective document and share it with all participants at the outset of the project. If there is a problem, refer to it.


Take Responsibility for Your Impact on Manager-Worker Relations

Performance is directly tied to the quality of the employee-manager relationship. Take responsibility for any issues in the relationship by identifying missed opportunities for further collaboration with your human resource assets. Properly identify employee priorities and strive to integrate them, where appropriate, with key business practices in order to encourage the employees taking ownership of their actions under your direction. When they are pleased with their work, you will be pleased with the end result.


Celebrate Success

One of the most neglected duties of many managers is the rewarding of success within the team. After all, it is easy to continuously forget that those under you are human beings rather than resources to be managed. Take the time to identify and reward success in order to maintain morale and provide an incentive for future improved results.


View Your Work as a Private Business

Company loyalty does not exist in a meaningful form in the 21st century. Employees at all levels are at risk of being replaced/outsourced at a moment’s notice. Thus, the only meaningful way to ensure career growth is to approach your work in the same manner as a freelancer. Constantly learn, record your actions, and form connections for future projects. Who you manage today may employ you tomorrow.


Recognize Employee Strengths

Your employees are striving for the same thing you are – to leverage his skills in order to maximize his contribution to the project. Help your employees identify their unique strengths and provide opportunities for them to be utilized within the context of the current project. Doing so will enable you to maximize productivity and create an environment where open discourse may enable unseen optimization possibilities for future endeavors.


Leverage Data for Unbiased Assessments

Avoid strife in the workplace by eliminating charges of favoritism among managed employees by monitoring key performance metrics and leveraging the accumulated data to provide honest feedback at regular intervals. This feedback will enable you to manage everything from assignments to pay raises. After all, it is part of your responsibilities to ensure maximum efficiency using the absolute minimum amount of resources.

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