Strategic Planning

Before we begin any assignment for our clients, we always insist on a basic review of the business strategy to make sure we deliver in line with their business vision.

In some instances, our clients ask us to help them facilitate the process of Strategic Planning for their business and embed the practice into their day to day.

This is how we do it…

Depending on the size of the business this can take from a couple of weeks for SME’s to a couple of months for large Multinationals. Here you can see a breakdown of our playbook.


Before getting stuck into the core of Strategic Planning, we want to have all the information at hand. This is what we call doing the groundwork. There is no point immediately scheduling a workshop without having done the pre-work to make it successful.

Audit (the present)

So we have done the groundwork. This next part requires lots of analysis, research and surveying.

We called this phase “Audit”, because that’s exactly what we will be doing. We audit the environment around your business, your business operations and its general state of health. The goal of this phase is to gather all the intelligence and synthesise it into a SWOT analysis, which will be used in the following phase.

Architect (the future)

Now, comes the phase of the process where we focus on creating and designing what the future looks like. We do this, by making educated decisions about what path to take (your strategies) to arrive at your destination (vision).  The focus is higher level, foundational dialogue to ensure that the entire planning team is fully aligned and in consensus of the fundamentals of the business, its vision, mission, culture and high level objectives.

Assemble (the tools)

We named this phase of the process “Assemble” because the focus shifts from defining the path your business needs to take, to defining how to get there. We will do this by prioritising the strategies, creating goals and action items that will fulfil the objectives and follow the strategies which have defined in the previous phase.

Build (the vision)

This final phase of the journey is where the rubber hits the road! So far, lots has been done in planning, strategising and defining what success looks like. This stage is where we define and kick off the implementation with your people on the ground.

Remember there is no plan in the world, which will succeed without the people following it. People will follow if there is leadership, engagement and effective communication.

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