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Phase 5: Build (the vision)

By this stage of the process the planning team will be a little stretched and looking get the Strategic Planning exercise over and done with. Please resist that temptation of taking shortcuts in this phase. This final phase of the journey is where the rubber hits the...

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Phase 4: Assemble (the tools)

This phase is usually Day #2 of the offsite (remember your offsite maybe longer depending on the size of your business) so this is just a baseline you can use as a guide. I named this phase of the process “Assemble” because your focus will turn from defining the path...

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Phase 2: Audit (the present)

Okay, so you have done the groundwork and now you are ready to get your hands dirty. Good! This part requires lots of analysis, research and surveying. I called this phase “Audit”, because that’s exactly what you will be doing. You are auditing the environment around...

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Phase 1: Groundwork

Overview The process is divided into five logical stages as you can appreciate below. Each stage has a number of steps that we recommend get completed for a thorough and effective Strategic Planning exercise.   Below is a suggested plan across a four-week period....

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