Operational Assessment Bundle

One of our absolute favorite bundles. With this, you get fast insights about the health of your operational processes and a detailed roadmap that outlines how to get them from where they are now to where you want them to be.

Operational Assessment Bundle

Fee:  AUD 14,500

Duration of engagement: 2 weeks elapsed time


  • 8 consulting days
  • 3 core process areas

Bundle Information

If your business is looking to increase productivity or simply reduce costs and has identified a broad set of processes to focus on, then this is the bundle for you. In this bundle we deep dive into 3 discrete processes within your operations to give you a full assessment and roadmap to your desired target state.



  • You will receive an actionable roadmap to transform your chosen business processes, optimised for growth and productivity.
  • Discover insights about your current process design and uncover hidden opportunities to evolve your operating model and streamline how your staff operate day to day.