Strategic Planning Bundle

Is your business lacking direction, craving visibility and interested in adopting a strategy mindset? With this bundle you are getting start to end support in developing your 3 year strategic plan as well as ongoing strategy reviews throughout the year.

Strategic Planning Bundle


Fee:  AUD 29,500

Duration of engagement: 3 – 5 weeks elapsed time


  • 17 consulting days
  • 3 day boardroom booking and lunch catering for Offsite Workshop

Bundle Information

This bundle is suitable for a business that has not performed a full strategic planning exercise in the last 2 years.

You can see our methodology in our Strategic Planning page which goes into great detail about how we approach the process.



  • You and your executive team will have a data backed strategy designed to achieve your vision.
  • Your business will have a proven framework in place to adopt strategic planning as a business mindset and not just a yearly event.
  • Your team will become more aligned and strategic priorities will permeate throughout your organisation.
  • You will have complete visibility over the progress of strategic priorities and other programs of work.
  • You get 3 additional quarterly strategy review workshops chaired by us once you enter “ongoing monitoring” so that your team stays on strategy throughout the year.