Create lasting customer service experiences

with personalised, omni-channel communications with your clients

Increase customer loyalty and your Net Promoter Score with out of the box intelligent customer service technology

Manage all client requests in a single view no matter what channel they came from: phone, email, chat, social network or customer portal. With bpm’online we can help you increase customer retention, reduce service queues and improve your net promoter score.

360 degree view of your customer

  • Account and contact management

  • Intelligent data enrichment
  • Data enrichment via social media
  • Profile completeness
  • Customer segmentation
  • Communication and touch point history
  • Search and merge duplicates
  • Analytics

Omnichannel Communications

  • Integrated Emails
  • Integrated Calls and VoIP
  • Self service portal for your staff and customers
  • Social enterprise network
  • Analytics

Work management

Manage your daily tasks more effectively using a pre-configured single window interface. Agent home allows agents to easily manage request queues, perform bulk communications, share the information via ESN and monitor their own performance in a single window interface.Supervisors also have a specific portal allowing them to manage and provide oversight for their customer service teams.


When we speak to clients, we always start with their strategy and business objectives. Its much easier to reverse engineer where you want to go into an actionable plan. If you are looking for a solution for your call centre or customer service team, then we can help.

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Case management

  • Unified case management database
  • Customization of case registration
  • Process library out of the box
  • Case history
  • Analytics and dashboards

Knowledge Management

  • Knowledge base
  • Article search
  • Knowledge base management and customisation

Service catalogue

  • Unified service catalogue
  • Service categories and priority management
  • Service catalogue analytics

There is so much more that bpm'online offers

Its much easier to try it all out for your self 

Are you ready to transform your business?

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Having run and built client service teams my self I know that client service process and technology is paramount when trying to deliver excellent client experiences.  Operating on a platform that seamlessly talks to your customer and downstream operations is critical to success.

With bpm’online we are able to deliver an experience to staff and customers that will boost your NPS and customer loyalty.

Alex Zarate

Founder & Managing Director, Zero B.S.