Turn your operations into a well-oiled machine

with Business Process Management (BPM) and Dynamic Case Management (DCM) technology that will automate and streamline your processes and help you scale your business.

Transform your business by automating mundane processes and giving structure to complex tasks that are driving your staff and customers crazy

Enjoy working with the modern, streamlined user interface that is free from redundant information, keeping you focused only on what’s relevant. The bpm’online studio creates applications that are tailored to your business, inherit a social look and feel that delivers the same user experience no matter what device it is used on: laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Business Process Management

  • Automate internal processes with Process Designer
  • Scalable business process management engine
  • Out of the box process library
  • Process monitoring and analytics

Dynamic Case Management

  • Case management designer
  • Powerful case management engine
  • Case management analytics and dashboarding

System Designer

  • System wizard to customise virtually anything about your application
  • UI customisation to align the look and feel of your apps to your company branding guidelines
  • Analytics to help you configure and monitor your KPI’s against individual processes
  • Configure and personalise the mobile application to help your workforce stay productive on the go
  • Data import and sync
  • Development extensibility


When we speak to clients, we always start with their strategy and business objectives. Its much easier to reverse engineer where you want to go into an actionable plan. If you are looking for BPM and Case Management software, then you are on a very exciting journey that can transform your position in the market!

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  • Manage your organisational structure to streamline your HR processes and workflows (employee on-boarding/offboarding etc)
  • Task management
  • Internal and external communication management
  • Contacts and accounts data management

Business Rules

Bpm’online also allows users to easily change the business-logic of the system. For example, you can customize the conditions for the section fields display as well as indicate filter values in lookup fields under specific conditions.

Mobile Application

With bpm’online mobile application, users can get access to all necessary data and features on the go in a few clicks. Mobile app can be installed on mobile devices with such operational systems as Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

There is so much more that bpm'online offers

Its much easier to try it all out for your self 

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My advice to business owners looking to streamline, systemise and scale their business is… be clear with your roadmap and build for the future!

This is critical if you want your business processes and technology to scale alongside your business. You dont want either to hinder your ability to grow. This is why its so important to be clear about how your  future state needs to look like and iterate towards that state with a solid foundation.

Alex Zarate

Founder & Managing Director, Zero B.S.